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 Tenant Reminders

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We here at Kryterion Property Services are committed to doing what we can to make your stay at one of the homes or units we are commissioned to Manage, a trouble free, worry free experience, we want to make sure that when you turn that key, you feel right at home. Our experience with dealing with the myriad of personalities of both tenants and Owners for over 16 years and the relationships that we have developed with Licensed and Insured vendors, to having a problem resolved in a timely manner, is what set us apart from all the other Management Companies out there. 

Therefore as a tenant, below are a few reminders that will help you, help us make the time you reside in one of our properties a peaceful one.

Pre-Inspection of the property
At least 1 to 2days prior to moving in, a Kryterion Representative will meet you at the property to do a walk through. At that time you will be provided with a Move-In Inspection form and a series of Photos documenting the condition of the property that you will be required to sign off on. The Move-In Inspection form is for YOUR protection. You should discuss with the Kryterion Rep at that time any concerns, pre-existing damage you may have noted or deficiency in the property. We will utilize this form when we conduct the move-out inspection when you vacate the property.
Note while we may not catch everything during that walk through, Kryterion will allow you up to 7 Business Days after initial Move-in, to point out anything that we may have overlooked and you may want considered to be included on the Move-in inspection Form.
Kryterion will allow you to get settled in some more and give you a courtesy call by the end of your first month, to ensure that you are O.K and all is well with the property.

Keys….when do you get them.
Keys to your property will be issued on the day contractually agreed for you to Move In. All deposits – First and last months Rent plus Security must be remitted a minimum of 5 Business days before Move In.
If you require keys to be issued at a time prior to what is outlined above, you will be charged a proration of the rent for the days that are not included in the original rental agreement.

Got the Keys….I’m Moving In!!
We have made every effort to have your home in good condition for your arrival. However if you are moving into a home or unit that has an Association, you will be required to follow the Rules and regulations of that community for Moving in (if there are any specified).
Outside of that, Please note that Kryterion has an image to maintain and want to ensure that good, healthy peaceful relations are maintained with your neighbors, therefore we will ask that you be respectful by not doing any over night moving in, keep your voices down especially after hours if you are giving directives to helpers assisting you to move in and keep all major MOVE-IN activity between the hours of 9am and 7:30pm.

My Goodness time flies….The Rent is Due!
Your rent IS DUE on the first day of each month and considered late on the 5th day of the month.
Rent is posted based on receipt in our office not postmarked date.
For your convenience we offer the service of debiting your bank account on any of the first 5 days of the month based on your directive when you sign the rental agreement. This service guarantees that your rent will be paid in a timely manner and you will not be charged a late fee due to a post-office delivery delay or a lost check. Rent can be paid online, by personal check or by money order/cashiers checks, we DO NOT ACCEPT CASH payments. Late fees are levied on the 6th of the month. WE DO NOT AND WILL NOT WAIVE LATE FEES.

Who do I call when there is an issue?
Maintenance and repairs are generally the items of most concern to our residents. For maintenance emergencies, please call our office at 954-842-8851. After hours please call our emergency number 954-399-8132 and leave a message with a brief description of your emergency.

Late Fee Policy
If your rent is received one or more days late you will be charged $50.00 the first time you are late, $75.00 if you are late twice within a 12month period and $100.00 on the third time within that same 12 month period.
Your rental agreement states that rent, late charges, and other legitimate charges will be posted to the resident account and used upon consideration when the renewal period for the lease comes up.
Payments received will be applied to the oldest outstanding charge first. Meaning, if there is an outstanding charge on your account when your rent is due, payments will be applied toward the outstanding charges first and then toward the current rent charge. If the payment is not sufficient to cover past due charges as well as the current rent charge, your current rent amount will be short. If the rent is short you will incur a late charge.
To avoid late charges be sure to pay all rent, along with any charges posted on your account, by the time your current rent is due.

I see Ants and Roaches….what do I do
In our experience dealing with tenants in a unit or single family home, these little pests move in based on either how the condition of the home is being kept by the residents – cleanliness is a big factor, so leaving dirty dishes out or old food lying around does not help the situation, hording does not help and sometimes you may be a clean person but you could actually be the one who transported a roach in to your home via use of certain paper bags or where you might have visited.

Kryterion Property Owners, expect that you will be conscientious enough and maintain your dwelling by not doing things to cause the attraction to these little pests. we expect you to find a way to have regular Pest control treatments, however, as a double precaution, Kryterion will send a Pest Control company out to do a review of the residence, once every 5 months and will do a basic preventative treatment.
Therefore you will be required to schedule your appointment with the Pest Control Company during the week that Kryterion notifies you they will be coming out.

Where is all this water coming from?
Do you see a leak of some sort, whether from a water heater, A/C unit, roof or Plumbing fixture??? don’t just stand there or ignore it just because you are a tenant.
You have an obligation to contact us within 72hrs of observing any kind of water intrusion.

What do you mean my check Bounced or was returned??? How could that be?

Your rental agreement states the amount you will be charged for each returned check. Our current fee is $35.00 for each check returned. NOTE: You will be charged this fee even if the check clears upon re-submission to the bank.
In addition, if the returned check is for payment of rent, you will be charged late fees through the date the check clears the bank or until you provide certified funds to pay for the returned check. You will receive a three-day notice of non-compliance with your rental agreement which will also be entered in to your file and subject for review at the time of Lease renewal consideration.

Lease Renewal Consideration, what is that and when does that take place.
Please be advised that you will find that Kryterion Property Owners are one of the rare few who will conduct a Lease Renewal Review of their tenants, as part of their contractual agreement with us, around 90days prior to the contractual ending of your lease, this review will commence, as they have an investment to protect, they do value the relations they have with surrounding neighbors and their membership in their Condominium or Home Owners Association if their property is located in one, is paramount.

Some of the factors they will consider is timely payments of rent, if there are any complaints from the Association or their surrounding neighbors as it relates to you or anyone residing or visiting you and how well you are maintaining the condition of their property.
A property Inspection by a Kryterion Representative, may be conducted during that time of consideration if requested by the Owner.
Your files will be turned over to your Landlord for review and you will be told no later than 60days prior to the end of the original lease if they would like to continue the lease relationship with you OR not do a renewal of your lease.

Security Deposits
When you signed your rental agreement, you gave us a Security deposit to cover any potential damage to the property, cost of cleaning at the end of your residency if you left it in a manner that you did not receive it in.


PLEASE NOTE YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT MAY NOT BE USED AS YOUR LAST MONTHS RENT but will be held until you make full payment of such. Should you have any questions in regards to how your security deposit is handled, please refer to the Florida Statute 83.49

Your are leaving??
Generally, at the time of move out, we want to receive the property clean and in the same condition as when you moved into the property, therefore a Kryterion Rep will come by and conduct an initial exit review of the place about 3 – 4 weeks prior and will point out if there are any things that you will need to give your attention to in order to be able to receive the full return of your Security Deposit.

We understand that normal wear and tear is to be excepted. However, we do require that all carpets be professionally cleaned, please contact our office if you require a reference for a qualified company to do this work.

On the day of Move-out, a Kryterion Rep will meet you on Property to go over the exit Check list with you. NOTE: All refrigerators MUST be emptied, no dirty plates left in the sink and all Bathrooms must be clean and disinfected once we receive confirmation that all Utility Bills are paid up, your Security Deposit will be mailed to you within 2 -3 business days after you move out or as soon as the outstanding Bills are paid by you.



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