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Consultation, Easy to Read Project Analysis & Project Management  

For the Self Managed, HOA and Condominium Communities, We know some Associations prefer that hands on approach with the day to day affairs.
As Board of Directors, you have the Fiduciary duty to MAINTAIN, REPAIR, REPLACE, OPERATE & ENFORCE the rules and regulations for your community.

    We here at Kryterion Property Services, know first hand the value of that mammoth undertaking and are aware that as volunteers serving your community, you do not necessarily have the time to keep up with the constant changes to State Statutes, in order be able to do your job within current legal parameters and without the constant scrutiny of the residents.
    Hence that is where WE come in, as we offer
    GENERAL CONSULTATION SERVICES & COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT which includes keeping you updated on recent changes in Fla. Statute 718 and 720, never neglecting the importance of cross referencing with your Community Association Attorney on the details that may require a legal opinion and or review.

    Our staffs combined experience offers a wealth of knowledge that can be at your disposal if you just ask.
    A few dollars paid for consultation can save you thousands from a lawsuit.

    To the Self Managed Community, Master Associations, Condominiums & HOA’s  


    We also offer PROJECT ANALYSIS
    No longer do you have to fear not being able to understand the details presented to you by vendors, especially for a project that thousands if not million’s of dollars are at stake.
    We specialize in interpreting and simplifying the vendor language found in proposals for the below projects listed under the Project Management section.


    Kryterion’s Professional Analysis Team, will take the pressure off for the constant follow-up that is needed to obtain proposals and promises to ask the common questions related to the project, so you can see clearly the ‘Apples to Apples’ comparatives, to ensure you vote on the right vendor for the job.

    – For this service, we will provide a minimum of 3 Vendor Proposals for any large project you may need for your Community, along with a summarized analysis of all vendor information received.


    NOTE TO SELF MANAGED COMMUNITIES: Any additional vendor solicitation requested will be at an additional charge to the bottom line price for your package.


              Kryterion will provide at an extra cost

    Project Management if desired for:

        • Community Entry Sign Installations
        • Playground Installation
        • Re-Roofing
        • Painting
        • Pool Mar Citing and Pool Deck Resurfacing
        • Parking Lot Paving
        • Parking Lot and Building Lighting Upgrades
        • Camera Installation
          • 40 year Inspections (Engineer Proposals)


    Prices range from $150.00 – $250.00 Per Analysis presented depending on the extent of the information that is mandated for the project’s success. [Again the analysis includes solicitation of 3 vendor proposals and continuous follow up to obtain same] For Pricing details contact us

    Real Estate Investment Management 

    Real Estate Investment Management for Individual or Large Real Estate Portfolios for Investors, (specifically those located within a Home Owners Association environment). We understand the benefits of Association living and the important role your community plays in preserving that lifestyle and your property values, and will ensure that your rights are defended, as we know what is Association Responsibility vs. Owner Responsibility. Our wealth of knowledge in this area will be worth every penny you pay us to manage your property and far exceeds the competitors in this business of Rental Management.

      Consultation for Real Estate Investors seeking Lien Reductions 

      On properties they have already signed Hold Harmless Agreements with the Banks, or investors seeking to invest in a property that has several City Code Case Liens against it.
      Through several years of experience we know what the City Code Compliance division is looking for and have the ability to evaluate the Case Histories, do Onsite reviews with Clients, Code Compliance Officials & Vendors, we know how to prepare you for the inspections & navigate through the potential curve balls that might be thrown at you. We provide Vendor Referrals to assist with compliance and Liaison between the City and our Clients

        Foreclosure Rehabilitation 

        We here at Kryterion understand the nature of the Business for Community Associations as the Real Estate Market rebounds.
        Unfortunately the Associations are not completely out of the woods and still have to on occasion, send a message to the Owners who feel they are entitled and should get away with living for free on the backs of the paying Owners.

        One way Associations can help to offset some of the delinquencies is by jumping ahead of the Banks and Foreclosing on some of these properties.
        This is where Kryterion comes in as most Board Members are volunteers that work, have families and do not have the time once these units are foreclosed on, to oversee the process of rehabbing a home or unit, for the purpose of being able to rent them to recoup lost income for the Association.

        For this Service we provide a team of people that will:

        1) Take over the process from the Writ of Possession is granted, to assess the property condition, and present to the Board what is needed to get that property in living conditions
        2) We provide a cleaning and rehab team of people – NOTE: depending on the condition both aspects can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6weeks and an opportunity for someone from the Board to review the work completed before the property is rented.
        3) We also can assist at an additional cost, services to list your property for rent.
        4) Once rented, if you would like to hire us to Manage the property on your behalf, we will be happy to accommodate your request at a reasonable cost.

        Our Contract will accommodate a month to month agreement as more than likely your tenant will have to reside there on a similar contract option, due to the fact that the bank can come in and take title to the property at anytime.

        For Pricing details contact us.

          Estate Management 

          Need some one that has an eye for details, is organized and can oversee your Estate Staff, someone who is good at scheduling appointments and keeping on top of inventory of your possessions or just the groceries, look no further, Kryterion Property Services is the last Estate Management company you will ever need.

          We will review from Landscaping to Butler Staff, Cooking Staff needs – doing inventory for stock items, ensuring property Security Staff is randomly drug tested and that all Security System is reviewed periodically and maintenance provided. No matter the issue Kryterion’s Staff is here to serve you.

          With consultation at a reasonable cost, we can provide a list of competent contacts with references for expert Financial and Legal Service providers to oversee those needs for your Estate planning, as we are aware that from time to time you may have a falling out with your current legal and financial advisers.

          Our Packages for this service can be tailor made to your needs and cover a large variety of what you require us to do as it relates to managing your Estate. Hence ALL PRICES are negotiable.

            Kryterion Property Services Is Here

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            It is the Mission of Kryterion Property Services to be your organized and responsive partner; conducting our business ethically and ensuring all goals are met with the utmost integrity and dedication.


            Consultation Services

            Investment Property Management

            Property Management for HOA’s

            Project Analysis & Management


            Kryterion Property Managers and Service Reps, will handle on your behalf resident issues, assist both Community Association Board Members and Real Estate Investors with the hiring process of vendors and periodically inspect the property.


            Look no further – Kryterion Property Services provides a dedicated team to help relieve the stress of the day to day preservation of your Investment Property and Community.

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